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Cala Zafferano

Cala Zafferano (or Porto Zafferano) is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt south coast of Sardinia. Indeed it is in a military zone accessible only by sea in the months of July and August. Crystal clear water and fine beaches, truly a unique place, well worth visiting.


Isola Rossa

The picturesque Isola Rossa is located in the Gulf of Teulada, a few kilometers from the port. The name probably derives from the classical coloring of red granite, of which it is composed. The creeks and coves offer unspoilt scenery breathtaking.



Considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Tueredda is situated between Cape Teulada and Cape Malfatano (goals that are part of our itinerary). The white sandy beach is the destination of many tourists, attracted by caribbean scenery.


Cala Piombo

Cala Piombo, also located within the vast military zone of Capo Teulada and accessible only by sea in the months of July and August, is characterized by the pristine landscape and still wild.


CALA PiscinnÌ

Located in the municipality of Domus de Maria, a short distance from Tueredda, named after the ancient Spanish tower in the near this promontory. Fine white sand and turquoise water, the beach is presented in all its pristine beauty.


Porto Pirastu

The small beach of Porto Pirastu is located a few kilometers from the port of Teulada. Isolated between the cliffs, which also protect from the wind, it is a piece of paradise with white sand and crystal clear sea.

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